• minimalistic webdesign

  • self-written web code

  • we don't use templates, we make them


    rogézz design studio is the graphic- and webdesign department of

    In here the focus lies on a minimalistic use of elements. As well for the designing, as for the programming...

    We start with all the input you give and we finish with what's necessary. Technically it means fast and smooth. Visually it brings balance and serenity.

    rogézz design studio hits for clients who want an authentic website, not a wel dressed template.

    "Less is more", is the principle.

    why rogéz digital studio?

    You don't like no templates? You like it personally build following your vision? No unity sausage is made at rogézz. Hardcoded minimalistic design, powered by pure html5, css3, js and php. If you have any question, the contact page is near.